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Four letter monograms

four letter monograms

If so, a three letter monogram is inappropriate. One would have to use 4 letters in that case. People should be addressed (or monogrammed) using whatever title.
This listing is for a 4 LETTER MONOGRAM for those who have 4 names instead of 3. Please read how to order carefully. Monogrammed Vinyl Decals.
Our monogram etiquette guide offers guidance for traditional, not so Use three- letter initials in the middle of the top sheet and single initials on shams.

Four letter monograms - was good

For multiple middle names, the monogram would be first initial, middle initials, last initial. Andrew, most of the time when there is a double-middle, the monogram will be first name initial, middle initials, last name initial, to keep it symmetrical: aABc or even A first, a on top of B in the middle, and C last.

Four letter monograms - like

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Webinar: How to Create Shape Text and Monograms Using Silhouette Designer Edition 4/27/15

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