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Glycerin edible

glycerin edible

Was thinking about getting some glycerin, are they all the same? I see local cvs has some under thier brand name says its 99.5 pure glycerin.
Glycerin (glycerine, glycerol) is a sugar alcohol (a carbohydrate) used as a food additive. Glycerin syrup is used as a sweetener.
Here's an interesting site: Why Glycerine USP? I've been thinking of cutting my Menthol 24mg nic juice. I think that for my vaping habits, 24mg is.

Glycerin edible - got that

I'll probably do a comparison between "USP - but external use only" compared glycerin edible "Glycerin USP food grade" and see if I get any of glycerin edible nausea, just for the hell of it. Brewers Foil cupcake pan - Nutritional Yeast. The recipe I use is Toba Garrett's fondant recipe. Liquid Glycerin Syrup and Cooking. When I explained that I was using it with my e-cig I showed it to him and called it a "personal vaporizer " he immediately told me that inhaling those ingredients was probably a bad idea, but admitted it was definitely better than inhaling burning tobacco smoke.


Vegetable Glycerin Experiment

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