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How many people does a full sheet cake serve

how many people does a full sheet cake serve

Sheet cakes come in different sizes because of the many different pans available. Serving size is a matter of personal preference, type of event, and 4 of these pans together, it would be the approximate size of a full sheet.
The half sheet cake is approximately 11 X 15 inches in size and typically one layer that serves 30 to 40 people. Half sheet cakes are great for.
Half - sheet pans yield a cake of 12 by 16 inches, while quarter- sheet pans your cake, and the size of slice you cut, determine how many guests you can serve. Just how many people does a sheet cake feed. A Full Sheet Cake Feeds 96: 4 Sq. inches of Cake Apiece (2 x 2). There certainly must be a lot of people catering.
A half - sheet cake, measuring 11 x 15 inches and made of a single layer, yields 25 to 40 servings. A half - sheet cake with two layers yields 54 party-size servings.
How to Determine How Many People Does a Sheet Cake Feed High School Graduation Cakes | half sheet cake decorated for a high school graduation.

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