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Fondant vs gumpaste

fondant vs gumpaste

Great tutorial on the difference between fondant and gum paste and how to decide which to use; includes links to easy recipes.
Many people want to know what the difference is between fondant and gum paste. The simple answer is that you use fondant to cover a cake and you use gum.
Mercedes Strachwsky of Bake Me a Cake explains the differences between fondant icing and gumpaste. fondant vs gumpaste simple things I learned about the difference of gumpaste and fondant this helps those who are a bit.
Just wondering how many people use gumpaste and how many people choose fondant when making small figures/characters. And how longĀ  Fondant Vs Gumpaste.
Share People often get confused about the difference between fondant and gumpaste. It's an understandable confusion when you consider that.

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