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Fondant dots

fondant dots

I am a hobby baker, and am making a buttercream cake for my niece. She wants fondant polka dots on not sure how to make the dots   Polka Dot Print On Fondant.
One of the easiest patterns to create with fondant is a simple polka dot effect. This look is created by using a contrasting color of fondant or gum.
Pre-cut fondant dots make it so easy to create a stunning cake like this one. Buy pre-cut Cake Club | Camoflage Fondant the Easy Way @gymbunnymum. How to Make a Polka Dot Fondant Bow. This tutorial has step by step photos for how to make a fondant bow with polka dots - a Minnie Mouse.
Popular items for fondant dots. Fondant Ice Skate Cake Topper, with Polka Dots, Flowers, Name and Age Decorations for a Special Birthday Cake. Fondant Bows-Minnie Mouse Bows-Edible Bows-Polka Dot Bows-Bow Cupcake Toppers-Large Fondant Bows.
How-to instructions for a quick and easy shortcut to making a modern fondant dot cake perfect for birthdays, mother's day and a variety of other events.

Fondant dots - made

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