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I was wondering if the Wilton's gum - tex that you can get at Walmart is the same thing as Tylose powder??? I have never used either but I have  Gum - Tex Vs Tylose??????.
Add Gum - Tex Tylose Powder to fondant and gum paste from improved strength and elasticity. Reduces dry time for thin flower petals and helps decorations hold.
How to Color Fondant & Gum Paste Using Gel Food Coloring - Duration: Tips on How to Work with Gum.


How to make a quick Gumpaste with Fondant and Tylose Powder gumtex Improve the strength and elasticity of your fondant and gum paste by adding this powder. Eliminate frustrations when working with gum paste in humid conditions— Gum - Tex makes gum paste easier to work with, no matter the humidity level. Wilton® Fondant and Gum Paste Starter Tool.
Product Description. Size: Inquiries - by email. Our Gum Tex makes gum paste pliable, elastic, easy to shape. Flip-top 6 oz. can has a plastic re-sealable lid.
A question about Wilton Gum - Tex CMC Powder.

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