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Freezing cake before icing

freezing cake before icing

If you're anything like me, baking and assembling a frosted cake is one of the truest tests of my The One Step You Shouldn't Skip Before Frosting a Cake Bonus: Refrigerating or freezing cake seems to make it moister.
I want to make a cake for DS's birthday party next Saturday. I always freeze my cakes before frosting even if I don't need to make them ahead.
The icing has to be thinned down just enough to cover the surface of the cake By baking your cake in advance, for example the day before, you will firm the cake up Some cake makers shy away from freezing cakes due to the fear that their. freezing cake before icing

Freezing cake before icing - recommend

You could definitely have baked and filled the cake layers then frozen at that stage. Just one last question: Do you think I should make the beads from modelling fondant or just buy them? The layer underneath should be thin. Yes please, register now! I am really enjoying it, and have questions.

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