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Fondant sugar cookies

fondant sugar cookies

Make this cute candy cane Christmas cookie using a cookie cutter and some rolled fondant. How to decorate.
So, last week I decided to beak my self imposed rule of no fondant on cookies and made 2 little daisies to put on each my daughter's Hello Kitty  How Do You Store Your Fondant Covered Cookies?.
I have wanted an excuse to make fondant -covered cookies for some time and this occasion I am so incredibly happy with this sugar cookie.

Every: Fondant sugar cookies

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fondant sugar cookies

Fondant sugar cookies - soft serve

Did you bag these? Today's Hottest Forum Topics. RI has to sit out so long that with the humidity here, they cookies are stale before the RI has hardened. If you have I would love to try your recipes. You can use any size circle cookie cutter as the base.


How to decorate a cookies with Fondant

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