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How many cups are in a bag of flour

how many cups are in a bag of flour

I actually measured by hand cups for 5 lbs of flour. First I sifted the entire bag in a bowl and then I measured by each cup brushing off the cup.
I'm trying to plan my menu for August but I need to know, if I buy 5 lb of flour, how many cups of flour is that? (So I don't run out, because I'm.
I am trying to do a bake-off. LOL I want to make a shopping list and can't figure out how many bags of flour and sugar to buy. I thought is I.


48 HR Re-Pack: Flour Cup While the amount of flour in a bag varies, a bag of King Arthur brand all-purpose flour consists of about 18 to 19 cups of flour. When a recipe calls for one pound of flour, consider the type of flour before measuring how many cups to add. For example, using bread flour in a.
bag (approximately cups); protein content Ive been baking professionally and for fun for many years now and have used all kinds of.
in half a 5 lb bag? I am trying to halve a recipe that calls for a 5 lb bag. I've been just adding flour til it looks right, but I second-guess myself too  how many cups flour in 6 lbs challah?.

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