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Half cake mix

half cake mix

Recipe for 6 cupcakes! How you make just 6 cupcakes using boxed cake mix, so easy & we do it all the time now! mixupamoment ad.
Why use a half of box of cake mix to make a whole cake? If you mean you just want a small cake, you can buy a cake mix called Jiffy that makes something like a.
This afternoon opened a box of Pineapple cake mix ; Steve, how long after opening the package do you bake the other half of a mix? And do.

Half cake mix - you again

Anyway thanx to you all for a followup. Thanks for your rating! It used to be perfect and fill the pan nicely when cake mixes had more volume. The recipe calls for cake mix, eggs, oil, water and lemon jello for the cake part. Sprinkle cake mix over mixture, then spread melted butter over entire cake.

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