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Fondant mini cake

fondant mini cake

How to Make a Mini Drip Cake. A cake decorating tutorial on making a miniature two tier, fondant covered cake with gold painted ganache drip.
OK - people - I said it was my FIRST TIME making these. Get a grip. I even said they were going to be sloppy.
In this tutorial I show you to how create beautiful tiny fondant covered caked the easiest way I know how. The.

Fondant mini cake - service, fair

I am glad you like them. We've already shown you how to dunk a regular-sized Oreo cookie while keeping your fingers pristine, how to upgrade Oreos into different desserts, and even make them into lazy ice cream sandwiches. fondant mini cake So, what's the trick to icing these little 2" round cakes with fondant?? The link to the set you posted doesn't work, but I used the mini - cake set.
Skip the traditional tiered cake in favor of individual mini wedding cakes. Fondant strawberries and sugar flowers make these cakes wedding-ready.
Press play to learn how to make a delicate rose out of fondant. These pink roses can be placed on cakes or mini cupcakes for that extra

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