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Grammar happy birthday comma

grammar happy birthday comma

One thing I noticed is that the way people write “ happy birthday ” Whenever you address someone with their name, precede it with a comma.
Is there a "final answer" for whether or not to use a comma when wishing someone " happy birthday "? I always use a comma, however, I find.
A comma follows exclamatory words or phases [Ah, what a nice day! Hi, there! Hey, everyone! Welcome, Colgate families! Happy birthday, Kate!]. A comma. My father just celebrated his 90th birthday, but the banner announcing his Yes, the banner lacked a comma. It should have read: Happy.
Here are two examples where the comma is MIA: Happy birthday Joe! Thanks Amy! In each instance, there should be a comma prior to the.
Forums Grammar & Sentence Structure. 1; +0. I've noticed that people write " Happy Birthday, David" when wishing David a happy I think there is no comma when writing " happy birthday David" or "Thank you David.

Grammar happy birthday comma - worship

Is there a "final answer" for whether or not to use a comma when wishing someone "happy birthday"? Admittedly, I am somewhat OCD. Syntax Training Lynn Gaertner-Johnston. How to type special characters on your Chromebook. Thank you, Cathy, Rebecca, James, Edward, and Lisa Marie, for your comments. And I don't put the comma either. What kind of a role model hippie wedding cakes he think he's being using a word that isn't even a word!

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