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Fondant taste

fondant taste

So much THIS. I would rather have an ugly cake that was moist and tasty than some pretty, styled dry hunk of tasteless garbage. My 8 year old.
Cakes covered in fondant have a beautiful, smooth and almost Since then, fondant has dramatically improved in taste, texture and workability.
I have been told through the grapevine that most don't like the taste of fondant. I am fairly new to this and just learning, have never done fondant   Satin Ice Fondant ---Good Or Not.


How to Make Buttercream Fondant

Fondant taste - New

Carefully add the melted marshmallow mixture to the powdered sugar mixture. I know some people are very talented and they can fondant taste it super thin so it's not even noticeable. But yes, as an overall tasty cake, not at all. Despite the fact that it's mostly sugar, it tastes bad. Looking through the recipes, I came across one for a Homemade Fondant that Tastes Like Buttercream.I'm in! The recipe was simple, easy.
I'm in the class now but I just heard some people dont like the taste of Fondant. Wilton is VERY HEAVY on the fondant but WHY if peole dont.
Yes, it is trendy and cute, but I think taste is more important. Every single time I see someone with a fondant cake, I see everyone picking the.

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