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Horehound candy taste like

horehound candy taste like

Today I decided to make up a batch of horehound candy. What does it taste like? It is hard to explain having never tasted a candy quite like it.
Horehound or hoarhound is a common name applied to two related genera of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae: Ballota ยท Marrubium. Specifically, it may refer to the following species: Marrubium vulgare (white or common horehound). Horehound drops are a candy /cough medicine made from Marrubium.
This goes for a lot of things, like Splurpees, not just candy. . taste of horehound, due perhaps to some obscure dietary deficiency or childhood.

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GUN MOLD FOR CAKE Thinking about it, part of the reason I like it so much may be that I only had it as a child at my Grandmother's house. This Day in History. Homemade horehound candy is made from a mixture of sugar, cream of tartar and an infusion of boiled horehound leaves. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My Dad gave it too us kids to ward off bronchitis! It is hard to explain having never tasted a candy quite like it.
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You may not edit your posts. If horehound were a new product, its makers would be sent to jail. horehound candy taste like

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