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Fondant over buttercream

fondant over buttercream

Hi Girls,I have a question about cakes! I went to Granite Bakery to do a cake tasting and was very adamant that I wanted buttercream because I.
I've seen on Youtube etc many bakers spreading a layer of buttercream over the top of their cakes first. The lady at the shop told me the only.
I place my cake on a small flat bowl – this helps to lift the cake off the bench and makes it easier to apply the buttercream, then when I put the fondant over the.

Fondant over buttercream - make this

No money from the licence fee was used to create this page. I originally used marshmallow fondant. I'm very new to this and the last time I used fondant and i notices fondant over buttercream same thing while kneading but because it felt soft and ready I rolled it but it tore badly once I had rolled it and gotten it on the cake. Have you tried just using the fridge? Im so excited i can hardly sleep. fondant over buttercream


Can You Put Fondant Decorations on Butter Cream Icing? : Icing & Frosting

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