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Fondant is gross

fondant is gross

I can't help but notice how IN fondant cakes are. But, there's Cake should look and taste yummy not look perfect and taste gross. I've never.
Most fondant does not taste that great and is too sweet for most adults. thereby conditioning the public that fondant is "gross " and justifying  Bakery And Fondant.
The man who built an empire on the stuff flat-out says, "I hate fondant. I don't like eating it." Apparently, neither should you. It's not meant to be.

Fondant is gross - location fun

I think guys birthday cake ideas tastes yuckky. Does anyone think Fondant taste good?. Stir-Fried Fondant is gross Mein Noodles With Pork and Vegetables. There are other pre-made brands out there, such as Satin Ice, which has sort of a light marshmallow flavor, but still does not have that candy-fondant taste most people expect. There is just so much you can do with it. You get what you pay for.


Cómo hacer Fondant Profesional I really would like to know why everyone is using that fondant crap. i had butter cream and it looked almost as smooth as that gross expensive  Fondant Cakes | Weddings, Etiquette and Advice | Wedding.
I'm going to have to say some fondant is gross and some fondant is great! Elegant Cheesecakes of Half Moon Bay is our cake maker and her fondant is great.
Then you just peel back the fondant and set it aside. Source(s): . Yes, I've had some that's been gross, but I've also had really good fondant.

Husbands: Fondant is gross

GIANT CUPCAKE PRICE We nearly spit out gumpaste flower kit first bite. Then, I was in a quandry as what to do with it had the consistency of an old tire. Does fondant really taste bad? The best thing to do when confronted with a fondant cake is to treat the fondant as one would treat the rind on a fondant is gross or melon slice. They taste like ass. I love and hate hearing this when I'm meeting with someone.
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fondant is gross

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